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Why Vinyl Is A Great Material For Hurricane Shutters

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Adding hurricane shutters to your window exteriors is a great way to add style to your home while also offering some valuable protection from the sun. Some older shutters are made out of metal and are strictly utilitarian. They simple look kind of ugly. However, window manufacturers are now making hurricane shutters out of more attractive materials with a wider range of styles. Vinyl is one of the best materials because it is stylish and low maintenance. This article explains why vinyl is such a great material for hurricane shutters. Vinyl is Waterproof Perhaps the most obvious and important feature you should look for in your hurricane shutters is that they are fully waterproof. This why vinyl is an ideal material. Not only is it waterproof, it does not any special treatment, like painting and staining to keep it that way. This is the main advantage of vinyl over wood. Wooden shutters need to refinished and stained every few years. This is a time consuming, costly and dangerous (especially when working on 2nd story windows) project. Vinyl is Low Maintenance Since vinyl is waterproof, it is also very easy to maintain. Not only does it not need to be refinished, it is easy to clean on a more regular basis. You can easily spray down your shutters with water from a hose or pressure washer. If there are any dirt stains or water spots, you can easily clean them off with a sponge and basic household cleaning liquid. You don’t need to use any special or expensive chemicals or cleaners to preserve and protect vinyl shutters. Vinyl is Energy Efficient Vinyl is also great for shutters because it is very energy efficient. The NFRC, or National Fenestration Rating Council, rates all windows and related products (like shutters). The most important ratings for shutters is the SHGC, or Solar Heat Gain Efficiency rating. This basically rates how well the product will block heat from the sun. Vinyl consistently scores high, but not all products are the same. Of course thicker and denser vinyl shutter will provide more protection. Not to mention, they will be more durable in the long run. It is easy to see why vinyl is a great material for window shutters and homeowners love having such a low maintenance product. It is also available in just about any color you would want, so you’ll have no problem finding the perfect solution for your home. To learn more, contact a company like Door Depot Of SW FL...

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Four Common Problems A Residential Garage Door May Experience

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Every year, there are around 30,000 garage door injuries, according to US Consumer Product Safety Commission.With your garage door being one of the largest openings to your home, it can be a deadly weapon if you are not careful. A garage door can offer a homeowner many benefits, but it can also cause a liability if you choose to neglect your garage door. In fact, it can even be fatal if the door were to fall. Fortunately, you do not have to be a garage door repair man to see that is some is wrong in many cases. In order to prevent garage door mishaps, you want to look for these signs that your garage door needs attention.  Shaking When Going Up and Down One easy sign you want to check for when your garage door is moving is that it has a smooth motion going up and down. If there is a broken part, you may see the garage door shaking. This could be anything from misalignment, a broken cable, or something in the rails. If you see your garage door shaking when it is in operation, you want to quit using it immediately. You should then call a garage door repair man to check it out.  Uneven When Stationary When you close your garage door completely, there should be no space between the door and the floor. If you see that the garage door is not going all the way down, this can be a security issue. Even just a small opening can attract critters and pests. Additionally, it can cause the air outside to get into your home increasing the amount of energy usage inside to keep a comfortable temperature. This is a common sign that there is a problem with the tension spring.  Damaged Cables Cable damage is a huge safety issue and should be fixed asap if you find any. Checking the cables to your garage door is important allowing you to diagnose problems quickly. Check the cables to make sure none of them are frayed or broken. These cables can be found parallel along the door and help maneuver the door when going up and down. If you do see damaged cables, be sure to steer clear of them. Should the cable snap, the door could come crashing down.  No Response Another issue you want to be weary of with your garage door is a slow response or no response at all. Oftentimes, this is a sign that your garage door remote is not working properly. First, you want to try the easiest things like checking the batteries on the remote and making sure the garage door is plugged in. If these things have been checked, have a professional come out to troubleshoot...

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Garage Door Not Acting Right? Check Out These 2 Common Repair Problems

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Automatic garage doors are a great addition to any home. Even though they typically work without any problem, there is always the chance that something could go wrong. If your garage door isn’t acting right, there are a few different things that it might be. Check out some of the different repairs often made by people with an automatic garage door. Track replacement. The track is responsible for guiding the garage door up and down. If that track ends up becoming damaged due to something hitting it or wearing out from old age, it will cause problems with the door being able to open and close. Depending on how bad the track is damaged, it could end up causing the garage door to slip off the track and come crashing down. This could be extremely dangerous if someone happened to be in the area when it fell off the track. If you notice your door struggling to move, you might want to look into having the track replaced to make sure no one gets hurt. Faulty sensors. On either side of your garage door is a sensor. Between those sensors is an invisible beam that lets the garage door know whether it is safe to open or not. If that beam is broken, it will not let your garage door shut. Sensors can end up becoming dirty from the normal dust in the air. If they are too dirty, they won’t be able to read what’s going on in the area properly. Your best bet is to start off cleaning the sensors and see if that allows your door to open and close like normal. If cleaning the sensors doesn’t work and you are still having problems getting the door to work properly, you might need to have the sensors replaced. Working sensors is crucial to the safety of anyone coming into or going out of the garage. You don’t want the door to think it is safe to close when in fact it isn’t. Make sure to check your sensors on a regular basis by testing them out and seeing if they can still recognize something in the way. You can put a piece of wood or something between the sensors to break the beam and try shutting it. This will let you know if they are still working or not. By making sure to take care of the two problems above, you can keep everyone safe and secure. Contact a contractor, like J & D Door Sales Inc., for more...

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Garage Door Screens: Add Outdoor Living And Leisure Space Without Inviting The Mosquitoes

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People who enjoy relaxing and entertaining outdoors also want to be protected from mosquitoes and other biting insects. An inexpensive way to add a bug-free outdoor space to your home is to install a garage door screen.  Benefits of garage door screens The various inexpensive types of garage door screens work well with modern garage door springs, track mechanisms and sensors. They can be installed quickly and easily compared to adding on a screened room or putting together a screened-in gazebo kit.  Some garage door screens can be used on garage doors as well as on large porches and covered patios. They give kids a cool, safe place to play in summer that’s not in the house. They come in many heights and widths to accommodate a variety of garage door openings. Having the natural flow of air in your garage makes it a pleasant place to dine or entertain guests. Having a garage door screen keeps insects from contaminating food or annoying your family and guests, and it protects the DIYer and the home mechanic while they do home improvement projects or tinker with the car. Types of garage door screens There are several types of garage door screens from which to choose. Custom—Your garage door professional will design a custom-sized unit in your choice of colors and styles, and they will fit and mount the system to accommodate your garage door springs and other hardware. This will take longer than other options and is not the budget-friendly choice, but it will turn out exactly how you want it. Hook and loop—This is a simple rectangle of screen fabric that attaches inside or outside of your garage door with hook and loop strips. These screens can look sloppy if care is not taken in applying the hook and loop tape or attaching the screen to the tape. They can be easily rolled up out of the way and are relatively lightweight. Homeowners can install these easily. Retractable—There are a variety of retractable screens, but vertical retractable garage door screens are common and roll into tidy slim cassettes discreetly attached at the top of garage doors. They have adjustable bottom latches for uneven garage floors and attach easily with a few screws. Most sizes will have no seams and there are no crossbars to interfere with a view. Roll-up door—This is a fancier, rigid-frame type of retractable door that remains up in the ceiling of the garage under the garage door until the garage door is opened. The door rolls up on a track the same way a garage door does without interfering with the garage door action. There are straps to easily pull the screen down and raise it back up for storage. Some designs have passage doors mounted in the middle so the screen doesn’t have to be raised to exit the garage. Your garage door experts will be happy to explain the advantages and disadvantages of each type of garage door screen. If you have any questions about how a certain screen will work with your particular garage door, contact a company like Overhead Door Of Akron. You can choose the best one for your particular needs to start enjoying the fresh air of nature without the buzzing and biting of its less friendly...

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3 Tips For Selecting A Replacement Garage Door

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Some homeowners consider their garage an afterthought. It’s just the place for parking cars and adding storage. However, the garage door has a significant impact on the house’s façade. Likewise, a garage door can also influence the comfort level of the interior, especially concerning insulation and light. As you get ready to update your home’s exterior, give some extra thought to replacing your garage door. Start with Material Garage doors come in many material options, including wood, wood composite, aluminum, fiberglass and vinyl. Wooden doors are the classic, of course, and modern models are constructed of layers to prevent warping. Wood comes already painted or primed for staining, which does add to the cost. Wood is also a great insulator. Wood composite is a more durable, stronger option. Wood composite doors are constructed of recycled fibers. They don’t offer the staining option, though. Aluminum is a budget option. Aluminum doors are rust-proof and light, but they dent more easily than vinyl or fiberglass. Both vinyl and fiberglass garage doors are very durable. Fiberglass doors don’t dent easily, but they can break if hit. Vinyl doors are stronger, but they come in fewer color options. Consider Style No matter the material you choose, you likely have numerous options related to style. Garage doors take up a large percentage of your home’s façade – especially if you have a multi-car garage. Therefore, it’s important to select a style that’s cohesive to the rest of your home. For example, if you have a traditional home, look for a garage door with a classic profile, such as one that’s arched at the top. This can even be combined with panes of glass. Alternatively, a contemporary home benefits from a modern-style garage door, such as one constructed mostly of wide panes of glass. A farmhouse could look charming with a garage door that resembles a barn door. Let the style of the house drive your selection process. Choose a Color A final consideration in selecting a garage door is the color. Garage doors come in an almost unlimited color variety. The color you choose depends on the statement you want the garage door to make. For example, if you want to add modern detailing to a conventional home, Better Homes and Gardens suggests selecting a bold color. Alternatively, if the garage door already takes attention from the rest of the home, selecting a color within the same shade range as the façade helps it recede. Natural staining works well for country or farmhouse style homes. Let your new garage door accentuate the natural character of your house, and click to continue reading...

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Three Tips To Ensure Your Garage Door Works Safely

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You might open and close your garage door several times per week without hardly thinking about it, but it’s important to remember that a faulty garage door can be dangerous. The high tension of the springs and the weight of the door itself can cause injuries. Fortunately, it’s easy to ensure that your garage door is in safe working order by following a number of tips. Should there appear to be any issues with the door, it’s time to call a garage door repair service and have a professional visit your home to diagnose the problem. Working on your own door without proper training can be hazardous. Here are three tips to follow: Lubricate When Necessary A garage door that squeaks heavily when it’s moving up and down is more than just an annoyance. This squeaking is a sign that the door’s moving parts are lacking lubrication, which could lead to something breaking and injuring you or a family member. When you start to notice the door getting noisy, use a silicone spray to lubricate certain areas. Focus the spray on the hinges that connect the door’s panels and the middle of the rollers. You might have to reapply the spray a few times, but you should soon be able to open and close the door without it being so noisy. Check The Sensors Automatic garage doors are equipped with small sensors close to the ground. When something passes through the sensors while the door is descending, it will reverse its direction to avoid closing on the foreign object. These sensors are a key element of the door’s safety; if they don’t work, there’s a chance of the door closing on a child or family pet. Periodically check the sensors by closing the door and then waving any durable object between the sensors. If the door doesn’t stop descending, it’s time to have a professional visit your home to determine the reason for the sensor problem. Keep An Eye On The Cables The operation of your garage door relies on a set of cables that help to move the door. Over time, and occasionally as a result of improper installation, these cables can become worn. If a cable breaks, the garage door will fall closed quickly, which can cause an injury. Keep on eye on the cables to note any signs of wear. Because they’re made of a group of small wires, you’ll be able to see when any of the cables are frayed. When this is the case, avoid using the door until you can have a technician visit your...

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Graffiti No More-Remove Spray Paint From A Metal Garage Door

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You recently purchased a house for a price that couldn’t be beat. There is only one drawback: the low price was partly due to the fact that the attached metal garage door was vandalized and ugly, spray-painted words are splayed across its surface. Complete the following steps to remove the paint. After you have finished, the door will be restored to its original state and you will be one step closer to living in the home of your dreams. Read on to learn more about garage door repair.  Materials water hose vinyl tarp plastic putty knife face mask spray-on paint remover natural bristle scrub brush soapy water sponge mop Spray The Door With Water And Remove Thick Clumps Of Paint Close and secure the garage door. Spray its surface with a water hose for several minutes to loosen the paint. Place a tarp in front of the door to collect paint as it falls. Carefully wedge a plastic putty knife under the edge of any thick clumps of paint to assist with loosening them. Do not scrape the door’s surface while doing this because it could cause permanent damage. Remove as much paint as possible in this manner.  Remove Any Paint That Remains  Put on a face mask and apply a liberal amount of spray-on paint remover to any paint that remains on the door’s surface. Most paint remover products can be safely used on metal, but check the instructions on the back of the packaging to make sure that it is designed for the surface that you are using it on to be safe. Wait a few minutes for the product to penetrate the paint. Apply moderate pressure to the back of a natural bristle scrub brush while moving the tool back and forth over the paint. Add more paint remover to the paint if it is needed. Once all of the paint has been eliminated, clean the door’s surface with mild detergent that has been mixed with water. Use a sponge mop to remove surface dirt from any portions of the door that were not previously covered with paint. Rinse the entire door off with a steady stream of water when you are finished. Maintain The Door After the door’s surface is dry, you will not be able to see any signs of the vandalism that was previously present. Continue caring for the metal door by cleaning it off regularly and it will remain damage-free and add beauty to your new...

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Garage Door Spring: Basic Maintenance & What To Do If The Spring Breaks

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You might not think about your garage door beyond having to open and close it from time to time. But giving your garage door some thought could save you a headache. One of the most important things that you need to know about your garage door is how to maintain your garage door spring. This guide will give you some spring longevity tips and what you can do if the spring breaks. Basic Spring Maintenance Tips The first thing you should know is what type of garage door spring you have, which could be either an extension spring or a torsion spring.  Torsion Spring You can check your owner’s manual to see if you have a torsion spring, or you can just take a look inside your garage to find out what kind of spring you have. A torsion spring will have a large bar, situated right in the middle of the roof of your garage.  To maintain torsion springs, you need to lubricate the spring, along with all the bearings, every few months. Be sure to turn off your garage door before working on it. Extension Spring This type of spring could be on either side of your garage door and will run the opposite way of your door. To maintain an extension spring, you need to lubricate the rollers, hinges, pulleys, as well as the springs. As mentioned above, turn off your garage door before performing any maintenance to help keep you safe. You can also have your garage door specialist perform the maintenance if you don’t want to do this on your own. But just remember that spring maintenance is important, as it does lift and set a door that may weigh hundreds of pounds.   What To Do If The Spring Breaks Consider the following steps should your spring break: Pull your red emergency release cord that lets you open or close your door manually. Or you might just have to switch the operation to manual. You can find the switch in your owner’s manual, but it is usually on the side of your garage door.  Try to open up the door or close it with your own strength or with the help of family members. Just make sure you do not put yourself or any part of your body between the door and the floor. Remember, if you don’t feel comfortable working with your garage door, you can have a local repair specialist, such as one from Spring King Garage Door Repair, handle this for you. But, as you can see, knowing how to care for your garage spring and how to deal with an emergency can be...

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3 Great Tips For Garage Door Repair And Maintenance

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Staying on top of your garage door maintenance allows you to maintain the durability of the door over long periods of time. Putting hard work into your door allows you to protect the security of your home, gives it a boost in aesthetics and keeps your property values high. To be sure that you are giving your door the attention and maintenance that it needs, follow these garage door maintenance tips and use them wisely.  Learn To Keep The Door Clean Not only will your door look better when you clean it properly, it’ll avoid mold and mildew development over time. If you want to clean your door periodically, you will need to acquire the right tools, including soap or detergent, a broom and sponges. You should use the broom to get rid of things like loose spiderwebs, cobwebs, leaves and debris, so that you are able to clean the door more thoroughly. From there, you’ll be able to use the sponge, soap and water to scrub dirt and grime from the door. Handling these thorough cleanings periodically will keep your door looking great.  Get The Door Inspected Or Preventatively Repaired To be sure that your garage door remains intact, you will want to get the help of a garage door repair professional who can assist you. For instance, you might have nagging problems with your door that are not revealed until the door breaks down on you. To prevent these issues, you should opt for an annual repair from a garage door repair contractor who can help you out. You can purchase a garage door repair plan from a contractor also, so that you can take the guess work out of your ongoing maintenance.  Keep The Springs Lubricated If you want to avoid noisy operation and potential hazards with your garage door, you should keep the springs lubricated. You can do this with the help of a silicone spray, which will make sure that all moving parts of your door are lubricated without allowing them to become dry and brittle. You should regularly spray down the springs and coils of your garage door, in order to be sure that all moving parts are kept intact.  Follow these three tips and use them, to keep your garage door in the best condition. For more information, or if you have questions, visit a reputable garage door repair company in your...

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Enlist Your Garage Door in a Maintenance Plan

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As business with a garage door, you expect it to perform when you need it to. It is important to realize that it can put a halt to shipping and receiving when it chooses not to work. This is why making sure your garage door is always working should be a top priority to your facility maintenance personnel. because not all personnel who are in charge of your facility will have the knowledge to handle garage door problems, you may need to lean on the experience of a local garage door company. Enlisting in a maintenance plan can prove to be very beneficial to your company for many reasons.  Less Likely to Have Emergencies It is likely that your company’s garage door gets used on a daily basis to handle shipping and receiving needs. When the door all of a sudden won’t operate, you can be stuck in a bind. If your maintenance crew isn’t experienced in commercial garage doors, you are going to rely on your local garage door company. In most cases, you don’t have days or weeks for them to get out to the site and fix it. You probably need them out there right away. A lot of repair companies will charge you an emergency fee on top of their regular rates to handle urgent problems. When you have your door in a maintenance plan, you don’t have to worry about these emergency situations coming up.  Prolonged Life Expectancy Another great benefit of enrolling your garage door in a maintenance program is increasing the lifespan of your commercial garage door. Your garage door repair company will seek out potential problems during their maintenance visits. should they find any issues, you can get them fixed right away. Having a well-maintained garage door is important as it leads to less repair problems and a longer life.  Safer Operation Garage doors encounter all types of problems from bent tracks to broken springs. You cannot always see the problem when looking at it. As long as it continues to work, you may continue to use it without diagnosing the problem. This can be a real safety concern when people are going in and out of the garage. When you have the door on a maintenance plan, problems that aren’t always visually seen when looking at it will be noticed during the maintenance. This ensures optimal efficiency with the door so it remains safe to use. For more information, contact Lipe Brothers Garage...

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